Edmund & Kathleen Weber.

Kathleen and Ed i San FranciscoEdmund and Kathleen Weber created Della Fattoria in 1996 with the building of their first wood-burning oven outside the kitchen door of the family ranch in Petaluma, California. What was thought of as a hobby for Kathleen blossomed over the next several years into a thriving artisanal bread business. Each evening, Edmund would stoke that single oven's fire and Kathleen would work into the night preparing the bread dough and baking. In the early hours of the morning, she would load the bread into a van and deliver the bread to select destinations in Napa and Sonoma counties. As the business grew, the number of wood-burning ovens grew as well and the number of loaves baked grew to as many as 1,000 a night. Their son, Aaron joined his Mother in the bakery to help meet the increasing demand. As the reputation of the bakery spread, student apprentices from culinary academies around the country joined Kathleen and Aaron in the bakery to learn the ancient craft of bread baking. In 2004, Kathleen and Edmund opened 'The Café' in downtown Petaluma with daughter, Elisa, joining to manage. In addition to a menu that would bring new fame, Della Fattoria added pastries to the array of fine foods. Aaron—already a budding chef—joined Executive Chef Kay Baumhefner in the Café's kitchen—splitting his time between the ovens on the Weber ranch and the Café. Kay went on to create the successful Come Home to Cooking. Today, artisanal products of Della Fattoria reach clients in Sonoma, Napa, Marin and San Francisco counties including the San Francisco and Marin farmers markets.

Aaron Weber

Aaron at the ovensAaron Weber. Aaron discovered his passion for cooking in his early 20's and was taken under the wing of Mark Vann, the Executive Chef at Sonoma Mission Inn. After two years under Chef Vann, Aaron did a brief stint at the French Laundry and then a deeply intense year with Daniel Patterson at Babette's in Sonoma. In 1997, Aaron joined his mother in the bakery just as the passion for Della Fattoria artisanal breads were reaching larger audiences. Aaron's understanding of palate, urgency and professionalism in the kitchen became the foundation for creating the methods used to refine the very intuitive, sensual and constantly changing processes of artisanal baking. This rounding of experience created a perfect medium for the Della Fattoria's cooking style. All arms and legs and fired by intense energy and curiosity, Aaron found the perfect outlet in the kitchen. His love of cooking and feeding people is manifest in the delicious food at the Café. Aaron is the father of two wonderful sons—Jakob and Sam

Elisa Weber

ElisaElisa Weber. Creative, exuberant, decisive and always on the move. Elisa worked for 12 years as the production manager for Crespi Woodworking. Photography was her passion from her mid-teens. Her impecable eye and sense of humor have created most of the images that you see on your Newsletter and these web pages. It was under Aaron Crespi's guidance that she learned to work with wood and run a production room. These skills transferred nicely to the demands of managing a café. Her enthusiasm and energy have endeared her to our staff and customers. Also a wonderful cook, inspired gardener and wife of an equally talented and energentic soul, Yunker. Together they have worked tirelessly to gradually transform the old chicken ranch to the quirky, inviting gardens you see here on the website. Elisa and her father manage the gardens that supply much of the produce for the café in the summer.

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