The Café is housed in the old U.S. Bakery building (circa 1860) on Petaluma Boulevard. The aromas of freshly baked pastries and breads have continuously filled the space for over 150 years. There was a time when Petaluma boasted a bakery in every block. A typical morning routine started with a trip to the post office, then the bakery, the butcher, the market and maybe the hardware store. There were many opportunities to bump into neighbors, exchange a little gossip, and reinforce vital connections with the community. The Della Fattoria Café picks up these traditions based in a slower, more convivial time by providing fine foods and bakery goods in a warm, enticing space that invites you to enjoy a meal, the best coffee and pastries, and connect with others who appreciate the 'art of the table'. And, as they did in those earlier times, take home a warm loaf of bread for the evening meal.

The space. The Café is set with both community and private tables providing comfort alone, with friends, or in meeting someone new. Inspired images of food production in Tuscany by Douglas Gayeton on permanent, rotating display reflect ways of life more connected to the bounty of the earth and reinforce the Café's theme of measured, appreciative lives through the celebration of authentic food. The communal table provides a great place for an early morning coffee and pastry.

First flight The menus. Delicious, wholesome food is the Della commitment—beautifully prepared and presented. In addition to daily fresh bread and pastries, poached ranch eggs on Della toast jumpstarts a day like almost nothing else.

The ingredients. Local organic ingredients from area farmers, cheese makers, wineries, creameries, and poultry and beef ranches—each item on our menu is a tribute to the bounty and spirit of our region.


7am- 11am Monday—Friday
7am-3pm Saturday & Sunday (all day)
11am3pm Monday—Friday
12pm-3pm Saturday & Sunday